The indigenous British population of Birmingham is doomed. Current government estimates put the ethnic minority population at thirty per cent and this is likely to be an underestimate. Demographers predict that the indigenous population will become a minority around 2015, in less than eight years from now. In twenty years time Birmingham will be a unrecognisable patchwork of conflicting ethnic groupings with the remaining British population packed into ever shrinking ghettos. Most of the white population who can afford to will have fled. Those that remain will be eventually assimilated into which ever dominant culture which surrounds them; Polish, Bengali, Pakistani, West Indian, Somalian or Indian.

However there exists a group of people determined that the destruction of the unique culture of Birmingham will not go unopposed. A small team comprised of truck drivers, carers, warehousemen, middle management, mothers, service sector workers and professional people committed to democratic non-violent resistance to the ethnic cleansing of the city. Birmingham's ruling elite has enormous resources of all kinds, an entrenched position and a vast pool of client voters. The Birmingham BNP has nothing but imagination and determination. Welcome to our blog.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Birmingham Muslim has a message for you.......

A charming little video was recently posted on YouTube. It appears the creative little fellow responsible may live in Birmingham. This was the first place he mentions in his inspirational speech referring to it as “Brumistan”. No further comment from us is necessary on this one…..

Remember viewers that not all Muslims are extremists like our friend here. A 2006 Populus poll of British Muslims found only 7% of them were prepared to admit to supporting suicide attacks on the UK. So with two million Muslims in the UK that’s a mere 140,000 terrorist sympathisers. 16% thought that suicide bombings on British military targets are OK, that would be 320,000, a third of a million. So nothing to worry about then. Phew

See the full Populus poll results

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Racial Violence in Birmingham, The Media and The Law

Last August 47-year-old Brian May was sitting on a train at Snow Hill station minding his own business when he was viciously assaulted by two Asian men. As the two men kicked and punched their defenceless victim they screamed racist abuse at him. The prolonged assault was so violent that witnesses feared for Mr May’s life, but fortunately he escaped with extensive bruising and a substantial loss of blood.

The most significant aspect of this incident is the unprecedented news coverage it received. Local and national media routinely maintain a deafening silence on racist attacks against white people, whilst at the same time dedicating maximum exposure to anything where there is even a hint of racism towards ethnic minorities. This is despite the fact that attacks on white people by ethnic minorities are commonplace in the multicultural utopia of the West Midlands. They are ignored, swept under the carpet at all cost by an establishment hell-bent on maintaining the mythical notion that we all live in harmonious co-existence.

Surely, to adopt such an attitude towards certain victims and not others on account of their skin colour is, using their own term, ‘institutionally racist’.

A second significant factor about the train attack is the media reaction. The two thugs who assaulted Mr May were both Sikhs and although Sikh-on-white violence is not unheard of, it is rare. Perhaps the media picked up on this incident simply because the perpetrators were NOT Muslims.

Clearly the media has no option but to cover acts of terrorism/terrorist plots, but this must be immensely troubling for many newspaper editors who simply do not wish to undermine the official line that their multi-cultural society is an unalloyed good. Therefore, racial crimes committed by Muslims are deliberately concealed – there can be no other explanation. Everyone has heard the case of Zahid Mubarek, the Muslim criminal murdered for purely racial motives by his white cellmate in Feltham young offender’s institute. Yet can you name a single murder victim of an indigenous Briton by Muslim racists? Thought not, but it’s not for the lack of examples – Ross Parker, Lee Martin, Gavin Hopley, Ashley Hedger and Kriss Donald were all killed by Muslims in racist attacks. The reaction in the media in each case? Silence.

Furthermore, if a crime has been committed where the racial profile of the suspect suggests he may be a Muslim the description of the attacker is frequently omitted from the report altogether. In instances where the perpetrator is described, the victim is often not referred to as this would also identify a racial pattern. Of course we abhor and condemn all racial violence in the strongest possible terms, however we feel that such bias in the reporting of certain attacks is unacceptable.

The third and final injustice of the whole sorry episode is the most eye-opening and concerns the sentences handed down to Mr May’s attackers. The youngest, Balvinder Hunjan Singh, was sent to a young offenders institute for 18 months and his accomplice was sent to prison for the same period. They had been charged with racially aggravated assault, possession of a controlled substance and, in the case of Hunjan Singh, common assault as well. The assault on its own, and the violence with which it was carried out, make these punishments paltry to say the least. However, the victim wasn’t the only person who found the sentencing repugnant.

Those who have followed the case of West Midland BNP activist Kevin Hughes will find the parallels disturbing, although not surprising. Kevin was charged with the same crime (minus the possession/common assault) having allegedly been involved in an altercation with an Iraqi asylum seeker in Worcester (there were no witnesses). Kevin received a two and a half year sentence – that’s a whole year on top of what the two Sikhs received. This judicial imbalance is compounded by the fact that the Sikhs were convicted of two additional charges and as opposed to Kevin’s case where the Iraqi received no injuries, Mr May suffered substantial physical damage. This is to take no account of the mental distress caused both to Mr May and the witnesses forced to watch this sickening act of barbarity.

The racial aspect of Kevin’s conviction was later dropped on appeal and he was freed last month. Click Here for further examples of racial injustice.

Click Here for CCTV footage of the attack on Mr May.

Thursday, 14 June 2007


25 years ago today a tired, filthy, soaked group of British soldiers arrived at Port Stanley and relieved the town of its Argentine occupiers. They had hiked from one side of the island to the other in harsh Atlantic conditions, trench-foot rife among them as they advanced across the boggy landscape. Furthermore, they had fought several vicious battles along the way and many squaddies never made it to Port Stanley.

On this day 25 years ago the Argentines surrendered, perhaps never knowing how close they had been to victory. However, dwelling on what might have been is pointless, the fact remains that despite the odds stacked against our nation this war was won by Great Britain and Great Britain alone.

Hundreds of British service personnel have been killed since 1982 on world-wide operations and many have died in acts of selfless heroism. Major deployments resulting in fatalities include the domestic fight against the IRA, peacekeeping in Bosnia, Macedonia and Sierra Leone and the wars against Iraq, Afghanistan in the Kosovo campaign.

However, proud as we are of each and every British serviceman and woman who has made the ultimate sacrifice, we say also that the Falklands War remains the last true British military victory of which we can speak. The Brits were sent far from home in 1982, as they have been in recent conflicts, but they were not allowed the luxury of building up forces on land over many months – the Falklands were amid the sea.

When the first Royal Navy destroyers approached the islands they were under threat from both sea and air, but this wasn’t the case in Iraq, Afghanistan or Yugoslavia. Sadly, the most poignant difference between the Falklands and more recent conflicts isn’t about aircraft and naval power, but the fact that we were liberating the former as it was our own territory. We have not sent our troops into battle since then on the basis of our own national interest. Therefore the Falklands can be rightly referred to as the last great British military victory.

Please spare a thought today for the families of those 255 British servicemen and three islanders who died in this brief but bloody fight for freedom and liberty. It is thanks to them and their comrades that 3,000 Falklanders embrace such values today and, above all else, are still British. Lest we forget.

The end of the end for Birmingham’s motor Industry

It is believed that the first motor car built in Britain was built in Small Heath by the Lanchester company in 1895. From that moment on Birmingham’s history was intertwined with that of car production. Birmingham is a young city by the standards of the U.K., most of its growth occurred in the twentieth century and its fortunes have mirrored that of the British motor industry. It was not until just after the second world that its population overtook that of Glasgow to make it the second city at the outset of Golden Age of British car building. As that industry has died so Birmingham has declined along with it.

The sad list of the great car factories like the Talbot in Small Heath, the Austin at Longbridge, Peugeot at Ryton, and the Jaguar at Browns Lane is a litany of tragedy. Likewise the roll call of British car companies now inspires shame rather than pride; Morris, Riley, Austin, BSA, Daimler, Wolseley, Triumph, Sunbeam, Talbot, Alvis and Rover all are now part of history. Today’s announcement that Ford are seeking to sell Land Rover and Jaguar probably spells the end of large scale car production in Birmingham. Perhaps the Castle Bromwich and Solihull plants will linger on for a few years as in the case of Rover at Longbridge but their fate is all but sealed. The simple fact of the matter is that car production in Western Europe can only be maintained at the insistence of the relevant state, and while this might protect Volkswagen and Citroen to some extent there is no possibility of the British government doing the same for our industry. Globalisation means that industrial production will almost always take place where Labour the is cheapest available (not including unstable regions such as Africa). If it were not for the E.U.’s import tariffs it is likely that this would be China or India. That is cold comfort for British car industry workers as their jobs are packed off to Eastern Europe.

And let us not forget that for every worker in the assembly plants there are several working in the component manufacturers. The future looks bleak for them and they are unlikely to get the payouts and re-training that the assembly workers will no doubt be getting, Probably, as in the case of Rover, at the taxpayers rather than BMW’s (in that case) expense.

The most likely buyers for Jaguar and Land Rover will be asset stripping companies. The land alone upon which the sixty five acre Solihull plant stands must be worth tens if not hundreds of millions of pounds. No doubt Chinese and Indian companies are already eying the valuable R and D facilities of the two companies (as they did Rover itself) and perhaps the globally known brand names as well. The tools and machines of the factories might be worth a few bob into the bargain. Unlike Ford the asset stripper can make off with the spoils of the two companies without having the liabilities of pensions and redundancy pay if they declare themselves bankrupt at the end of the exercise. Directors of the Phoenix consortium which asset stripped Rover are thought to have made tens of millions while the company went down with over a billion pounds worth of debt. Unlike Ford asset stripper do not care about damage to their worthless companies reputations. For one thing no-one has ever heard of them anyway and for another they can simply start another for the next raid. Ford’s good name is simply to valuable to allow them to undertake the grisly business of scraping an industry so they will allow another company to take the flack in return for the salvage pickings. Just as BMW did with Rover.

The “investment team” which bought LDV based in Ward End is doing little better, halting production of all but one of the models in its range recently and laying off hundreds of workers. No doubt it will soon follow in the footsteps of the other British commercial vehicle companies like Leyland, ERF, Atkinson, Sedan and Foden into oblivion.

The BNP is not in the business of soft soaking issues and this section will be uncomfortable reading for many who work in the factories concerned.

When considering the decline and fall of the British car industry certain obvious villains come to the fore. One culpable group would be the planks who ran the industry, the assorted managing directors of the various companies failed time and time again to develop new models or invest in those few which were successful. One in particular stands out even amongst the incompetent buffoons which made up his peer group. Sir William Rootes, of Rootes Group fame, who spent his time building Warwick University while foreign competitors were building shiny new efficient car factories. Warwick University today continues Sir William’s life’s work of destroying British achievements, however instead of turning out sub standard cars Warwick mass produces political correct storm troopers for the liberal establishment. When it comes to liberal indoctrination Warwick is probably the foremost university in the land. Meanwhile the factories Rootes was responsible for are long gone, replaced with housing estates and shopping centres.

An allied group of the clueless company directors were the various government ministers whose ham fisted attempts to use the car industry for social engineering instead of wealth creation speed the death of British car building. For example misters insisted that the innovative Hillman Imp should be built in Scotland, 400 miles away from the bulk of the component manufacturers in the West Midlands. With the result that this car, an early forerunner of the hatchbacks of today was nothing like the success it should have been.

However the workers of the industry also have to take their share of blame. There is no need to recount the senseless history of Derek Robinson, class war warrior and one time shop steward of Longbridge (AKA “red robbo”) who lead thousands of car workers straight to the doors of the dole office. Yet even with this terrible example before them the car workers have allowed themselves to be goaded into conflict with the management of their plants by politically motivated hard line trade unionists. The workers of Ryton frequently threatened, and occasionally did, strike over pay and conditions even as the plant was threatened with closure. Surely a significant contributor to the decision to build new Peugeot models in Eastern Europe rather than Coventry. There can be few more pathetic sights than a shop steward of a doomed car plant threatening action unless “management” tow the line as we have seen time and time again. Strike action just does not have much impact if your factory is about to be closed down anyway (unless your French). And while the mislead car workers struggle to find work after their factory has closed the shop steward will be getting settled in to his comfy new job at Union HQ.

The trade union movement has been hijacked by left wing extremists, who rather than campaigning to halt the flow of wage cutting Eastern European labour actually recently flew to Poland to sign them up to their unions before that had even arrived in the UK! Meanwhile working conditions in the private sector sink ever lower with ever longer hours getting you ever less spending power. And where are the Unions? Spending your subs in campaigns to “stop the BNP” and getting slaps on the back at the TUC from the very Labour politicians who have sold our country and its workers out. Labour politicians I might add who finance their Party from trade union subs rather than from their own bloated salaries. The BNP supports trade unionism in principle, indeed we have our own affiliated union, Solidarity, but not the fanatics who have helped ruin our industries, our country and countless British families.

The effects of Ford’s desertion of Jaguar and Land Rover is almost certain to be disastrous. You will hear no hint of the truth from MP’s or trade unionists on this matter. Just as in the case of Rover they will pretend that whichever asset stripping company is handed the job of running down these factories represents a bright new age. Don’t believe them. Our advice to car workers is to get some serious qualifications if you can now while you’ve got a few years to play with and hang on for the redundancy. If you are offered it, for god sake take it, the optimists at Rover ended up with nothing when the company went into receivership. Margaret Hodge, Labour MP and Department of Work and Pensions MINSTER offered the advice that Rover workers could get a job at Tesco’s when asked what was going to happen to the workforce there. Expect no better.

We can only speculate on the effects of the closure of the Castle Brom and Solihull plants on Eastern Birmingham and Solihull. However we can be certain that it will not have a positive effect on the local community. We in the BNP can only offer our assurance that we will continue to fight for our communities whenever and wherever we get the chance. We have warned time and time again about the disastrous effects of globalisation on our communities, maybe now more people will be finally willing to listen to the hard truth that unless our political elite is removed things can only deteriorate for the British people.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

ISLAMIC BIRMINGHAM: Converting the infidels?

Yesterday we reported on the case of a young British solider being harangued by a group of Muslim woman at a Birmingham hospital. Today we report on another significant story to emerge about the spread of Islam in Brum which should be of concern to all of Birmingham‘s none Islamic communities. However this particular story relates to members of the Sikh faith. According to the Birmingham Mail the story began last month when a teenage student was reported missing by her Sikh family in West Bromwich. The family claimed that the girl had been forcibly converted to Islam, possibly whilst studying at Sutton Coldfield College. She was later found at an address in Birmingham and is now under the protection of West Midlands Police, although who she is being protected from has not been made clear. (Read article Here)

The story was highlighted further at the weekend when Ceefax reported that up to a hundred Sikhs had marched from Handsworth to the city centre in a protest to police about ‘forced conversions to Islam’. Such tactics have been reported as being employed by Islamists throughout the world in order to spread their religion and it now appears to be becoming increasingly common in Britain.

In 2005 a story was run in the press about inmates of the Young Offenders Institution at Feltham in Middlesex being forcibly converted to Islam (read article Here). In another story from the same year a young Afro-Caribbean man in London was repeatedly shot causing his death after allegedly refusing to embrace “the religion of Peace” (Read article Here). The controversy stirred by the Pope recently was due to him quoting a Medieval Greek Emperor on the subject of forced conversions to Islam. Some scholars argue that forced conversion is allowed under Islamic (Sharia) law and that Mohammed himself practiced it. Historians have also suggested that the practice of forced conversion was one of the key factors in the rapid expansion of Islam after its inception in seventh century Arabia. Although some Muslims insist that forced conversion is forbidden by the Koran.

It appears that Muslims may now be deploying this tactic on a greater level in some Birmingham communities. The problem could also be linked to the growing number of indigenous British converts seen on city streets, although given their fiercely loyal (or fearful you might say) commitment it would be virtually impossible to ascertain whether these have been coerced or voluntary conversions.

Whichever it may be, one thing is for sure – the non-Muslim population of our city continues to shrink. The day that the green flag of Islam flies over the Council House draws ever nearer and only we, the so-called ‘infidels’, can stop it. Large BNP votes are the only message our political elites understand when it comes to expressing opposition to the Islamification of Birmingham. The choice is clear and it is yours.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

ISLAMIC BIRMINGHAM: A land unfit for heroes?

The Islamification of Britain’s second city continues at a relentless pace, largely and predictably swept under the carpet by the mass media, the police and the politicians. Two incidents have come to light over the last few days that reveal the increasing aggression with which this movement is taking control of our city. Today we report on one incident which demonstrates just how far the Islamification of Birmingham has progressed and the arrogance and confidence elements of this community have developed as a result our politicians failure to effectively confront radical Islam.

On Monday (11th June) the Birmingham Post printed a story which first appeared in the Mail on Sunday. You may recall an incident from last year in which a wounded British soldier was confronted by an angry Muslim man while being treated in Selly Oak hospital – well it has happened again. On this occasion the victim was the Army’s welfare officer who had been conducting one of his regular visits to injured troops when he was surrounded by three young Muslim women. Company Sergeant Major Neil Powell was forced to endure tirades of abuse from the women who were apparently angry about British military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Quite why CSM Powell was deemed a reasonable target by these aggressive and irrational individuals is beyond comprehension – CSM Powell and his colleagues do not commit themselves to war, they merely follow orders.

Colleagues of CSM Powell have used the fresh publicity to call for more secure accommodation for wounded troops, but the response from the local Labour MP (Lynne Jones) has been contemptuous. She was reported as saying:

“The soldiers seem to want a little empire consisting of their own designated staff and facilities, a fiefdom. The point of basing the Centre for Defence Medicine at Selly Oak was to make the most of the range of experience here. The priority should always be the standard of clinical care. When I’ve visited the military ward it has been cluttered with staff."

This is a treacherous attitude to take towards soldiers her own government has sent off to fight in distant lands. Furthermore, has she not taken seriously the threat to British soldiers in this city, particularly given the recent well publicised plot to abduct, torture and kill a member of our armed forces right here in Brum.

The latest incident at Selly Oak hospital took place on 10th May and has only now seen light of day – how many more times has this happened and how long will it be before one of these ‘verbal attacks’ become physical? Our forefathers must be spinning in their graves knowing that injured soldiers are no longer safe from the enemy even while lying wounded in their own home towns. Our lads should be put in their own wing where their safety can be guaranteed. Or better yet in their own dedicated hospitals with military staff trained in and used to dealing with combat injuries, just like they used to have before Lynne Jones’ Party closed them all a couple of years ago.

Monday, 11 June 2007

The Decline of the Left: Part One

It’s as recent as ten years ago that the BNP would routinely be overwhelmed by left-wing hot-heads whenever we dared to take our campaign out onto the streets. How times have changed. As a result of the consistent failures of the Lib-Lab-Con to accurately represent the people, it is clear that door-to-door canvassing is now more troublesome for them and their antifa helpers as opposed to our own activists. It is very difficult to even get a door slammed in your face if you are canvassing for the BNP these days.

What’s more, the demise of the so-called ‘socialist’ parties has coincided with the dramatic decline of anti-BNP groups such as ‘Unite Against Fascism’ and the ‘Anti-Nazi League’. The ‘Respect’ party only exists as a political force because it has made a rather bizarre coalition with fifth-columnists. That party will also crumble in time as its new-found supporters grow ever more intolerant of its support for gender equality and homosexual rights.

Despite a grim outlook for the red menace, we in Brum did have the dubious honour of watching them in action recently. In the run-up to polling day on May 3rd they stuck their noses in Shard End ward after being called in to help the ailing Labour campaign. Despite heavily promoting a mass day of action to take place in the area on Sunday 4th March, just nine of them bothered to show. The body language of the two sorry activists in this photo reveals their utter dejection …

… and just to add insult to injury two BNP members marched confidently up to the front door of their base and took this photo right in front of them!

They went out leafleting at least twice more in Shard End during the campaign and we did come across some Searchlight glossies at one stage, but as usual such material appears to have been either ignored, laughed at or returned to them immediately. At least one member of the public told how he confronted them in the street and didn’t exactly find a constructive argument in return.

In addition to their pathetic Birmingham visitations, a video produced by renowned anti-BNPer Adrian Goldberg again shows how miniscule, lacklustre and unpopular the far-left have become. The film covers the Sandwell leg of Searchlight’s ‘Hope Not Hate’ tour and opens with an introduction from the current holder of the Pie-Eating Parliamentarian of the Year title – Labour MP Tom Watson. Now compare his performance with that of the other speaker, the committed multi-culturalist and resident of mono-cultural Devon - Billy Bragg. It’s easy to tell who the politician is! Watson says there were 170-odd people queuing up to spread the anti-BNP message, yet there are no more than seven people on that bus!A brief shot of TWO activists is followed by Billy’s drawn face and he has obviously suffered a humiliating day on the campaign trail. He was apparently jeered by members of the public in Great Bridge and shows his ignorance of the Black Country by merely dismissing them as BNP members. As you would expect, the campaign received little if any support on its visit and Bragg clearly has nothing to be remotely happy about. The days of the left are fading fast – follow this link, watch Goldberg’s video and laugh!

Warning: This clip contains disturbing images of Billy Bragg and gratuitous scenes of far left opinion and is therefore unsuitable for people of easily annoyed disposition.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007


‘Slum House’ is a six-minute documentary produced by East Birmingham BNP that exposes the depths to which our people are mistreated in their own country by their own councils. The story began when local activists took up the case of Charlene, a white girl housed in Bordesley Green who was enduring a lengthy hate campaign by local Muslims who clearly didn’t want her living in ‘their’ area. Thanks to the hard work undertaken by the BNP she was moved into a predominantly white area late last year. However, despite having escaped the abuse she suffered in occupied Brum, the living conditions in the Poolway flats at Stechford were worse. It was these five decrepit tower blocks that featured in the shocking six-minute documentary produced by the BNP.

Slum House will be uploaded to YouTube shortly, but as you can see from the stills here it is not a pretty sight for the residents, many of whom have young children. They have to contend with faeces, urine and syringes in the walkways and lifts, severe damp in every room, critically unsafe landings and repairs that are never seen to. Residents have even been without running water for 24-hour periods – would this happen to those ‘guests’ in our country who can be found in double-glazed fully furnished accommodation elsewhere in Brum?

The reaction of Cllr Neil Eustace (Lib-Dem) was to accuse the BNP of attempting to make political gain out of the issue in time for the local elections. However, the elections have come and gone and the same BNP activists were at the latest Stechford & Yardley committee meeting to follow the progress made (or lack of it) on behalf of the residents. Cllr Eustace told residents at this meeting that the City Council cabinet will make a decision on the future of the flats in June. Let’s just hope that they are demolished sooner rather than later and those afflicted by the appalling third world conditions can be moved to surroundings less reminiscent of Iraq. This is not Baghdad, this is Birmingham in the 21st century and these poor white folk have to pay council tax like everyone else – give them a home they deserve.

Monday, 4 June 2007


In 1998 a left-wing rock group called the Manic Street Preachers released an album containing a song called S.Y.M.M. This stood for South Yorkshire Mass Murderers and its aim was to lay blame on the South Yorkshire Police for the 1989 Hillsborough football stadium disaster in Sheffield.

Of course it would be silly to seriously suggest that this communist group would ever release a follow-up song initialled W.Y.M.M. standing for West Yorkshire Mass Murderers. It was that police force which should have been trailing the 7/7 bombers when they were instead trawling through hours of BBC footage trying to convict Nick Griffin. They prioritised the Griffin case despite what we now know - that the terrorists, sorry Islamic terrorists (we don’t work for the BBC so no need to cover up), had been reported to the West Yorks Police prior to the 7/7 attacks. In addition, claims Shadow Home Secretary David Davis, if the security services didn’t have the resources to monitor the suspects the local police should have performed the job themselves.

However, it doesn’t matter now because 52 people murdered by a terrorist plot hatched in West Yorkshire can’t be brought back to life and Nick Griffin is still roaming free having said such awful things about West Yorkshire-based terrorists plotting to murder innocent people. The truth really is stranger than fiction