The indigenous British population of Birmingham is doomed. Current government estimates put the ethnic minority population at thirty per cent and this is likely to be an underestimate. Demographers predict that the indigenous population will become a minority around 2015, in less than eight years from now. In twenty years time Birmingham will be a unrecognisable patchwork of conflicting ethnic groupings with the remaining British population packed into ever shrinking ghettos. Most of the white population who can afford to will have fled. Those that remain will be eventually assimilated into which ever dominant culture which surrounds them; Polish, Bengali, Pakistani, West Indian, Somalian or Indian.

However there exists a group of people determined that the destruction of the unique culture of Birmingham will not go unopposed. A small team comprised of truck drivers, carers, warehousemen, middle management, mothers, service sector workers and professional people committed to democratic non-violent resistance to the ethnic cleansing of the city. Birmingham's ruling elite has enormous resources of all kinds, an entrenched position and a vast pool of client voters. The Birmingham BNP has nothing but imagination and determination. Welcome to our blog.

Monday, 16 July 2007


Richard Lumby outside Kitts Green Probation Office

As Rob Purcell drove past the controversial probation office in Kitts Green on Thursday evening he noticed that the graffiti artist had returned to the site, complete with his or hers trademark command of the English language. This educationally challenged individual is not alone in wanting the ‘pedos’ (sic) off their doorstep, for thousands have signed the petition to have the probation office relocated away from the three primary schools in the vicinity.

This isn’t the first time the site has attracted the graffiti artist, a similarly incoherent message appeared in the same place some weeks ago and at least one local protest has turned ugly with missiles being thrown and one person arrested for assault. This is clearly not the way to behave if a legitimate campaign is to continue, after-all what is being protested about is the presence of criminals and to behave like criminals is therefore counter-productive to one’s own argument.

East Birmingham BNP have always supported the peaceful campaign orchestrated by local parents and we remain careful not to be seen to capitalise on or manipulate the ongoing protest. The same cannot be said for Labour who hijacked proceedings in their morally corrupt way (it was they who brought the probation office to Kitts Green in the first place!).

We have also been careful not to say ‘we told you so’ now that the probation office has opened for business. Although some Labour-influenced figures attempted to cover-up the full story, particularly as election time approached, we are happy to relate it here for a wider audience. This is a well documented story, that is why we never had a problem branding specific Labour people ‘liars’ in our campaign literature.

The intended use for the building has been known for almost a year and was brought up by concerned residents at an emergency meeting in Tile Cross back in October 2006. Cllr Ian Ward, deputy Labour leader on Birmingham City Council and senior party figure in Shard End ward, belittled their concerns and downplayed their fears. He would continue to do so for several months and residents questioned him again at the ward committee meeting held in Kitts Green in January. It was here that the Labour councillor denied that the office would have paedophiles or serious sex offenders referred to it. Within weeks he was proven to have lied by the probation service.

As the election approached and it appeared that the BNP might remove Cllr Ward and his fat salary, the Labour man changed tack completely and said he had been opposed to the probation office all along. He subsequently hijacked the residents’ campaign and saved his job, although needless to say little has been seen from him since then as his position is safe for another four years. Such is the contempt with which Labour hold the voters that they opened the probation office two weeks after the election, having mysteriously postponed its original opening from before the election.

This scandalous treatment is not the kind ever likely to befit a BNP councillor, our candidates are good honest folk and not in it for the money. This unique brand means that we have to put up with a lot of lies about us, so before we get accused of any wrongdoing down at the probation office we again re-iterate our support for the peaceful campaign by local residents and say ‘Get this place moved away from vulnerable children’!

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Birmingham tops League

Earlier this week we reported on Birmingham appearing near the bottom of a league of British cities for skills, education and employment. However news emerged over the weekend of another league and this time Birmingham is well clear at the top. The West Midlands has, according to MI 5, more terrorist cells than anywhere else in Britain including London.

In simple demographic terms this might come as something of a surprise, Greater London having a population between three and four time larger than the West Midlands. However to those who have been following the sorry story of radical Islam in the region it will only be a confirmation of what we already knew. We have had the plot to behead a British solider leading to arrests in the city. We have had reports that some of the suspects from the recent attempted car bombings in London were from Birmingham. We have had the Channel 4 “undercover Mosque” program revealing the widespread preaching of Jihadist doctrine in the city. We have had the “Tipton Taliban” banged up in camp X-Ray after being captured in Afghanistan (who claim they were attending a wedding, these guys must really, really like wedding cake). We have had wounded soldiers in Selley Oak harangued by Muslims. And on and on and on.

MI5 reckon there to be some EIGHTY terrorist cells of varying effectiveness and professionalism currently in the West Midlands. Fortunately for the people of this region it is likely that any attempted attack from these people will have London, rather than Birmingham, as its target. Islamic terrorism is all about publicity and London is a far more tempting target than Birmingham in these terms. Plus the Islamist terrorist is just bright enough to avoid calling the attention of the authorities to their stronghold here in the Midland’s. However if the terrorists did decide to strike Birmingham though the following is our best guess based on previous attacks as to the most likely targets.

1. Broad Street: Islamic puritan fascists don’t enjoy a drink and a laugh, and they don’t want you to either. Previous attempted attacks in London and Bali on nightclubs plus the lack of more symbolic targets in Birmingham put Broad Street right at the top of our list.

2. New Street Station: Islamic terrorists like attacking transport systems and New Street, at the centre of Britain’s rail network is a tempting target. Similar attacks have been carried out in Madrid and London.

3. The Bull Ring: Although shopping centres have not yet been successfully targeted in the West they are the favoured target in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Bluewater shopping centre in Kent was named as a potential target in one recent terrorist trial. As a symbol of Western infidel decadence Birmingham can offer no better.

4. Birmingham Airport: The attack on Glasgow airport was a failure. However it does represent a move towards attacking secondary provincial targets which are less well protected than those around the capital.

5. Steelhouse Lane Police Station: In Iraq and Afghanistan Police Stations are frequently attacked. As symbols of the State they are attractive targets to the terrorist. Plus there is the chance to settle old scores ….

A London bus after the seven seven sucide bombings

The Birmingham Mail is quick to assure the people of Birmingham that the threat has been over stated. In their judgement. They managed to find a Doctor Steve Hewitt of Birmingham University (what his doctorate was in was unspecified) to offer the opinion that MI5 had mistaken blood thirsty ambitions for a real threat. Personally we would rather trust the judgement of MI5. Perry Barr MP, Khalid Mahmood said he would “be quite surprised if the area was a hotspot”. Khalid’s contempt for the opinion of the security services is of more than academic interest, he is the Chair of All Party Inquiry into Tackling Terrorism. We wonder what could have possibly have been the reason for his appointment to this vital position, his degree in engineering? His stint working in Kuwait? His experience of Kashmir where he was born? If your not convinced that being an Indian engineer who ditched his job as a councillor to work in Kuwait qualifies Khalid to hold such an important position then maybe you might conclude he got the gig simply because he is a Muslim himself. Surely the government wouldn’t play politics with an issue of life and death, would they?

Read the Mail story

Read the News of the World story

Monday, 9 July 2007

Brum bottom of the table

A report released today places Brum in the bottom five cities of the UK. Population decline, poor workforce education and skills, high unemployment and benefit claims placed Birmingham alongside the North East cities of Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough and the notoriously deprived city of Liverpool at the foot of its rankings.

What else could be expected as the most skilled and talented Brummies flee the city to be replaced by anyone who can get themselves to the immigration desk at Birmingham International?

Never fear though because Birmingham City Council have got the problem in hand. Their Spokesperson had this excuse, the figures collected between 1997 and 2004 are out of date and things are better now. Even if this were true, which it isn’t, how does she explain the abject performance of the city over those SEVEN YEARS? She went on to claim “Birmingham’s economy is forecast to grow by at least 21.4% in the period 2005-2015, but this could be as much as 25.3% according to the Birmingham Economic Information Centre” So that a whole 2.14% a year then? About half that of London. And that’s if this BEIC are right, and it sounds as if its their job to make optimistic predictions in the vain hope of attracting investment.

After making some wild claims of what Birmingham City Council is going to achieve over the period she went on to state proudly that Birmingham had the best GCSE result of any of the core cities. The core cities being the biggest of the rust belt provincial cities laid low by the lunatic policies of our elites. So there you have it, Birmingham’s regeneration is being bet on sixteen years old in Birmingham getting better results in Eng Lit than those in Leeds. What better example of the total cluelessness of our politicians can you find than the blithe assumption that frankly poor results in meaningless academic disciplines will lead to this city’s future prosperity. Strangely I don’t recall the CBI demanding more 16 year olds with citizenship GCSE’s to propel our local economy forward.

The responsibility for the sad state of this once great city lies exclusively with the failed politicians of this nation, in particular the jumped up, incompetent, self important, failed politicians in Birmingham Council House. They controlled the L.E.A. which failed generation after generation of Birmingham’s children. They presided over the replacement of Birmingham awesome industrial capability with corrugated iron sheds, like the Bull Ring, full of imported junk. It was these people who stood by and watched as cities like Manchester and Bristol reinvented themselves as cultural and regional capitals while they lavished Taxpayers money on block renovating the private homes of ethnic communities. They are responsible for the ruined state of the Council housing stock which condemns thousands to live in squalor. And what was their solution to that? To try and give it away so that they could get the responsibility for it off their hands, regardless of the cost to the council tenants.

Birmingham will never prosper whilst these second rate clowns are running the show.

Read the Evening Mail's take on the story at icBirmingham

Friday, 6 July 2007

New Labour says "Ve arsk ze questions!"

Peter Hitchens wrote in his Mail on Sunday column just a few weeks ago that passport interrogation centres were covertly being constructed by the government. For such an established mainstream columnist you would think he would be moderately up to speed. The centres to which he was referring are already in place and open for ‘business’, 69 of them across Britain in fact and one of them is right here in Brum.

East Birmingham organiser Denis Adams outside the Identity and Passport interrogation centre in Suffolk Street, Birmingham

Years ago intelligence dossiers were reserved for communists and likeminded dissidents, but the collapse of the left in recent years and the onset of Islamic aggression has given MI5 new groups of individuals on which to focus their attention. As we in the BNP are diametrically opposed to Islam it has undoubtedly led to our own members being catalogued, but all this will be academic soon as each and every citizen becomes part of the New Labour database state.

The 69 interrogation centres will be used to gather information on citizens applying for passports under the guise of ‘passport and identity security’. Initially the centres will target first time applicants, but will later be rolled out across the board to ensure that anyone who renews their existing passport cannot do so without undergoing interrogation at their nearest centre. This can be hugely inconvenient as the timing is dictated by the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) and the nearest centre can be anything up to 50 miles away! That doesn’t apply to us here in Birmingham, but it does mean that hard-working Brummies can lose up to half a day’s work having to undergo the intrusive grilling.

In addition to being questioned about personal details your photograph and fingerprints will also be taken and all the information gleaned will become part of New Labour’s national identity register.

This sinister plan is part of a bigger issue relating to state intrusion and loss of individual freedom. From ID cards and the NHS database to microchips in our bins and black box recorders in our cars (not to mention where we can smoke) – New Labour is in the throes of Orwellian extremism. They will use almost anything to excuse this sustained assault on our freedom, whether it be terrorism, illegal immigration (there’s a joke!) or protecting us from identity theft!

To read more about the growing intrusion of the state into our private lives please visit NO2ID

Meanwhile if anyone has had to visit an interrogation centre like this please contact us and let us know how you found the experience!

Birmingham BNP Blog goes global

This blog is far from the finished article. Nor has it yet been used for the purpose for which it was intended. However after a month or so on line we thought it time to reflect on the project so far.

As of today (5th of July) The Blog has received, according to our tracking software (which you can access in the orange box on the right towards the bottom of the column. Part of our commitment to transparent integrity and the simple unvarnished truth) 1,193 visits from 529 separate individuals who have accessed our articles 2,067 times between them. Thank you all very much.

According to our software we have had people from all five continents view our humble efforts. As well as several hundred of our fellow countrymen we have had the honour of entertaining people from as far afield as Santiago, Buenos Aires, Bombay (*1) Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Mexico City. We appreciate our foreign guests interest and wish them well in their efforts to resist globalisation and protect their own unique cultures, Best of British one and all. A very special hello must go out to our biggest international fan or group of fans in Islamabad, Pakistan, as salaamum alaikum, who have made Pakistan our second largest international audience.

A special greeting to our brothers and sisters in the former Dominions and the USA (with 130 odd visits our largest international audience) and our European cousins of course.

On the Sceptred Isle itself we had had visitors from across the country from fair Edinburgh in the North to our great Capital City. And finally a fair contingent from Brum itself to which we extend our traditional vernacular greeting “olright”.

*1 We don’t call Prague Praha, Belgrade Beograd, Dublin Baile Atha Cliath or Rome Roma and we’re damned if we’re making an exception for Bombay.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Michael Vaughan

It is with deep sadness that we report the sudden death of long-term supporter Michael Vaughan from south Birmingham. Mike was taken at the early age of 56 and will be buried today (Friday). He was a regular fixture at South Birmingham meetings and local organiser Mike Bell will represent the party at his funeral. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007


Last month we carried a story on the disgusting condition in five Stechford tower blocks which Birmingham City Council (BCC) had allowed to deteriorate through their appalling mismanagement and negligence. Several hundred residents in the Poolway flats have been faced with health and safety problems that could threaten life and limb as a result of this failure on the part of BCC. This has been especially worrying given the scores young families and elderly people who are forced to live there and who are particularly vulnerable to the risks generated by the conditions in the flats.

This situation did not arise overnight, it is the result of decades of incompetence and the Councils policy of prioritisation none indigenous communities for council allocated resources over indigenous Brits. However suddenly, after years of indifference, the City Council has sprung into ‘action’. They agreed to undertake what the residents had been demanding for years - the demolition of all five blocks and the re-housing of the council tenants in accommodation fit for human habitation. Although, obviously this being Birmingham City Council no firm commitments as to a time scale have been revealed as yet.

Local BNP activists were instrumental in the residents’ campaign, establishing a residents’ group, initially involving them in public ward meetings and later advising them on tactics, as well as designing and producing the leaflets to promote their cause. In addition we also produced a short film documenting the appalling situation in the flats to bring the issue to wider public attention. ‘Slum House’ can be viewed via this blog or at GoogleVideo (sidebar).

The advent of elections interfered to some extent with the BNP’s involvement in the Poolway campaign in May, but such community work is something that we endeavour to do more of in future. The BNP is more than just a political party, we aim is to be active within the community helping to improve the quality of life for our people who have been increasingly sidelined and discriminated against over the years. We are actively encouraging people to work with us to such an end and want YOU to get in touch if you know of any issues with which we might be of some assistance. (See "Contact Us" panel on the right)

Our greatest weapon, as in this case, is the electrifying effect the magic letters “B.N.P.” have on councillors and the council itself. No sooner are we on the scene than money suddenly becomes available. Following the election of a BNP councillor in the Chelmsley Wood ward in Solihull last year a multi-million pound redevelopment plan was unveiled for the town centre. In Barking and Dagenham the election of twelve BNP councillors produced a frenzy of government initiatives backed with untold amounts of cash. This is part of a tactic the “old gang” politicians have developed to try and halt the progress of the BNP. In the event of the BNP intervening in a local issue the establishment will stop at nothing to rectify the problem and thus deny the BNP any electoral advantage. This suits us fine as we are able to use this to improve the lot of the people we seek to represent and champion. Ironically the “old gangs” terror of the BNP gives us more power than we could hope to wield in the Council House with a handful of councillors and we have used, and will continue to use, this to get our people their fare share of the Councils’ resources. Which after all are derived from the taxes paid by those same indigenous British people Birmingham City Council have ignored and neglected for decades.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


This week sees another famous British manufacturer disappear from the Birmingham skyline. HP Sauce has been produced in Aston since 1903, but in May 2006 its current owners Heinz – having only purchased the company less than a year earlier – decided it would be cheaper to produce the sauce abroad. A campaign to save the 125 jobs and preserve a great British breakfast favourite failed to persuade the global giant to reconsider and production at the factory ceased last March. On Monday 2nd July the bulldozers moved in on the Aston site and demolition commenced. The famous HP tower, a prominent fixture on the skyline north-east of the city centre, will not be exempt from the destruction and will be demolished in place of another lifeless business park.

HP Sauce was created by a Nottingham grocer called Frederick Gibson Garton and he gave it its name in 1896 after he had been told it was being served up in the Houses of Parliament. The Palace of Westminster subsequently appeared on every bottle, yet despite this intrinsically British design the famous brown sauce will continue to bear the image whilst it is produced in the Netherlands and then imported to Britain! Our message is simple – hit Heinz where it hurts and boycott their products!

Denis Adams (East Birmingham BNP organizer) gives a sombre message outside the HP factory

Sunday, 1 July 2007

One of the most pertinent cultural strands that combine us Britons is the communal surroundings of a public house. For centuries the pub has been a remedy to a hard day’s graft or a stressful day in the office.

As with so many other quintessentially British institutions the pub is being systematically dismantled in the same way as the post office, the armed forces and the Anglican church. The BNP’s Shard End candidate in last May’s elections, Richard Lumby, highlighted the issue at the June meeting of East Birmingham BNP. Ahead of the ban Richard described how it had affected other parts of the British Isles, in particular southern Ireland where he has relatives. Whilst many pubs had learnt to cope with the ban or work round it, many others had been forced to close. This effect has undoubtedly hit Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in a similar way, now New Labour is to strike menacingly across the largest constituent in these islands – as from Sunday 1st July 2007 there will be a carpet ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces and work places across England.

Where will this assault on individual freedoms end? Will drinking be next?

“24-hour drinking to keep us all off the streets”.

That was the angle that rock band the Kaiser Chiefs took on their latest album and perhaps they are right, except only a handful of drinking establishments applied for such a licence. Is this part of a sustained effort to drive us off the streets and dump us at home to live like hermits in front of that key propaganda tool of the state – the TV, aka the ‘idiot box’ – that is creating a generation of apathetic morons as we speak. The gradual dismantling of the post office fits in nicely with this idea. The post office has long been a source of social interaction, particularly for the older generation, likewise the public house.

In addition to Labour’s assault on our British pubs, the changing demographics of our towns and cities is seeing an escalation in the decline of the ‘boozer’. Where trade is already in freefall many pubs are being sold off and converted into Chinese restaurants – for example the Navigation in Erdington, the King George V in Northfield and the Stockland Green. The pub is also disappearing fast from the inner cities where an influx of new arrivals from a non-drinking culture has displaced the indigenous population and led to a fall in trade. Other pubs have been forced out by acts of aggression.

This all serves to assist the establishment plot and as Richard stated, the smoking ban is only an opening act for the oppressive state under which we will all increasingly be forced to live. ID cards, tracking devices, biometric databases, universal CCTV – welcome to New Britain.

The burnt out ruin of the Wagon and Horses pub, Coventry Road, Sheldon. A pub had stood on this site for a century before this one closed due to lack of custom. Typically it was then burnt down by arsonists. Just one of hundreds of Birmingham pubs closed, burnt down and demolished over the last few years. The survival of the few remaining traditional community pubs is seriously doubtful thanks to Labour's smoking ban.


Just a day after your coronation Mr Brown one of your own constituents was blown up in Basra. The loss of Private Jamie Kerr and his two colleagues has brought the British military death toll to 156 and this is not just three too many it is 156 too many. Surely you must realise that one simple shift in policy would dissociate you from your predecessor on a seismic scale – bring our boys home Mr Brown, bring them home now. Their presence isn’t achieving anything, they are merely patrolling the streets of Basra and providing targets for militants. One drop of their blood is worth more than all the oil in the world to their parents, some of whom are now very close to home for you. Bring our lads home – for whatever reason you deem fit to name – just bring them home.

Sergeant John Jones was the first Brummie to be killed in the Iraq war and lived in Castle Bromwich. He was killed by a roadside bomb in Basra in November 2005 and was inscribed in the Book of Remembrance at Birmingham’s Hall of Memory on Wednesday along with a comrade killed in Afghanistan last year.